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Lees is a top-tier carpet that provides performance and beauty fitting any lifestyle!

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Value Carpet One located in Salisbury, Maryland strives to offer our customers peace of mind by finding the right flooring choice whether it be laminate flooring, carpet, wood flooring, vinyl or tile flooring. Currently, as part of our Lees Flooring Sale, we are offering a great value carpet option with Relax, It’s… Lees.

Lees is best known for their quality carpet flooring and is well-loved by many of our clients. They have been making carpets since 1846 that not only are stylish and comfortable, but are high-performing carpets that serve a purpose.

Lees flooring will meet your expectations for stain protection like no other carpet brand. Finally, you can get that brand new carpet without having to deal with the ramifications of settled spills, stains, and everyday messes.

Featuring Lees 4X protection and ExtraLoc backing, this carpet provides ample stain protection working succinctly to prolong wear and tear damage that would otherwise show. All Lees products embellish these features making them ideal for households with children or pets where spills are bound to happen.

For an extra layer of added protection, we provide all customers with one of the most robust stain warranties on the market which is our Ultra25 Stain Warranty which covers any stain imaginable from top to bottom. Feel that sense of relief? Don’t forget about our Beautiful Guarantee either as we are committed to your complete satisfaction. Stop by and check out our samples!

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