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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Salisbury, MD

Carpet offers incredible comfort, texture, and color to all types of spaces, and today’s technological advances have given us more ways to enjoy soft-surface flooring than ever before.  Indeed, carpets are now perfectly at home with pets, small children, and heavy foot traffic. From waterproof carpet to ultra-soft plush, we have just what you need to bring your style to life – and new life to your favorite rooms.



At Value Carpet One Floor & Home in Salisbury, Maryland, we’re your local source for quality carpeting, and our onsite experts can help you find a durable, soft, and stylish carpet to transform while meeting all of the needs your lifestyle requires. Whether you need a stain-resistant or fully waterproof rug, we have it right here.


Let’s further explore the world of carpets!



Best Types of Carpet

Do you have your heart set on carpet? Before you make any final decisions, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the different carpet types.


Are you seeking carpet where your toddler plays or your new puppy frolics? Does this space host frequent gatherings? Or will this carpet be installed in a formal, quiet setting?


Carpeting comes in various types, including : 



For example, level-loop carpet is smoother on the surface, while textured carpet works better to manage footprints, debris, and dust.




About Carpet Fibers

Carpet fibers, commonly called pile, are the threads that weave your carpet together.


Carpet pile can be either natural or synthetic. Each pile type boasts its own unique set of benefits and challenges. Nylon, a synthetic fiber, is soft and very sturdy, while olefin, another synthetic fiber, is more affordable but less resilient. Wool, a natural fiber, is prized for its color-steadiness, softness, and durability. It won’t readily fade from sun exposure and helps filter out allergens that might arise in your home.







Can Carpet Be Stain-Resistant?

While no carpet is completely stain-proof, today’s technology gets pretty darn close.


Made to handle whatever life throws at it, stain-resistant carpet is easy to clean, odor-resistant, and stain-repellent. While some carpet fibers have natural stain-fighting abilities, such as polyester and triexta, many carpet manufacturers add stain treatment.


These treatments create a barrier that blocks stains from sinking into the carpet fibers and becoming permanent. Some stain treatments coat the carpet’s surface, while others can be built into the fibers so they won’t wear off.


Carpets like these are so effective that you can clean up most spills with water. Beyond stain resistance, many carpet designs help camouflage blemishes, pet fur, and debris between cleanings. As a bonus, these are often hypoallergenic, making them ideal for a pet-friendly home.



Where Can I Install Carpet?

Those with their heart set on a carpet will be pleased to hear there are now options for almost any setting. The only exceptions to this rule are kitchens and bathrooms, where humidity would pose a daily hazard to your carpet.


Otherwise, however, the sky is the limit regarding your carpet choices. We have it all here: from sturdy, stain-proof carpets for busy families to luxurious and decadent products for a stately sitting room – and everything in between.



What Causes Carpet Fading?

One of the easiest ways to prevent carpets from fading is to limit the amount of sunlight they are exposed to.


Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day in rooms that are not in use and only open them when returning home from work or school. Another excellent option to limit fading is to purchase unique window treatments designed to prevent natural sun fading without keeping your blinds closed all day.



Local carpet stores also carry products that can work as a temporary barrier and prevent fading. While these products are great for brand-new carpets, they must be reapplied periodically to offer proper protection.


Homeowners should always be mindful of what they wear when walking across new carpets. While you would never want to walk across the carpet with dirty shoes, you should also avoid tracking lotions, ointments, and other products that could leave residue on your floors.



Where Can I Find the Best Carpet Near Me? 

We have your best carpet right here! As proud members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, we genuinely have an impressive carpet inventory, competitive pricing, and localized services that only a small business can offer.


We have all your favorite carpet brands, including LEES, Tigressa, Resista, and Innovia. Visit our store today at 1530 North Salisbury Boulevard and browse our latest carpet displays.


At Value Carpet One Floor & Home in Salisbury, MD, we proudly provide carpet to Wicomico County, MD.

Cushion Your Carpet

We prime before painting, and likewise, we install carpet padding before putting a new carpet down. Learn why this is an essential step you should never skip!
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Best Carpet Warranties

Our fantastic product warranties cover everything from wear to pet stains...for starters. Learn how easy it is to protect your next carpet purchase.
Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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